January Meetup - Data and Activism

Tools to Speak to Power, Tools to Shield Speech From Power


Here is a link to Connor’s presentation.

Tools to Speak to Power

After the first part of the presentation, we split into small groups to discuss ways to influence those who speak for us (elected and apointed representatives, churches, businesses, etc.).

Our notes from that discussion are up on this shared Google doc: http://tinyurl.com/speaktopower

Tools to Shield from Power

After going over what encryption is and why it’s useful, the whole room took turns sharing information about a wide variety of options, from the pros and cons and different ways of doing two-factor authentication, to how easy Signal is to use.

This shared Google doc started in the Chicago brigade and is full of things a person can do to shield their speach, broken down into the easier/quicker fixes and the more complicated and time-consuming (but more secure) fixes: http://tinyurl.com/shieldspeech

Next month

We’re still working on finalizing a time and a place to work on the Fish Fry map, but it is going to be an excellent event, with a pierogie potluck! Non-coders are welcome!